For the most part, my prices are set per item rather than at an hourly rate. This will only change if a client is unable to decide on what they want and requests major changes or redoes that require more time than typically necessary. I will spend as much time on a project as is required as long as the client understands that additional time will not usually be free of charge.

Photo Manipulation

$50 Per Render

High-end retouching, photo compositing, face and body morphing, directional glows and shadows, digital props, custom background textures and scenes. Most commonly used in the design of ads such as movie and television promo posters.

Photo Sessions

$85 Per Session

Offering professional headshots, couples portraits, group portraits, and editorial work for those looking to get published in a few beauty/fashion magazines. I also shoot fresh photos if you're interested in my photo manipulation services as well.

High-End Retouching

$10 Per Photo

Detailed blemish, flyaway hair, spot, and dead pixel removal, color/light balancing, makeup and definition enhancement. Most suited and often required for magazine and commercial photos.

Basic Retouching

$5 Per Photo

Simple blemish and flyaway hair removal, and color/light balancing. Most suited for personal photos.

Acceptable Payment Methods

PayPal / Cash App / GooglePay / $AmeliaWysocki

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel for photo sessions and meetings?

Yes, I can travel. But I will require a minimum of 5 weeks notice and the estimated costs of travel as well as lodging will be added to the deposit, which must be paid, in full, prior to booking a date.

How long have you been editing photos?

I've been a photo editor since early 1995, when I was still in elementary school. I didn't have much of a social life, so I spent most of my time focusing on my creative hobbies, which mainly included transforming stock photos into digital art. I only started working with a camera when I grew tired of being limited to stock. I wanted to fully own some of my artwork, so I could take pride in being a true artistic creator.

How long does photo editing normally take?

Basic retouching of a single photo can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. High-end can take up to 2 hours, depending on the details you need done. Photo manipulation can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on a number of factors.

How many photos will we receive?

You will receive as many photos as you wish and pay for. And if you wish to purchase exclusive ownership as well, this comes with the right to use, edit, and sell them however you see fit, with no worry about my default creator copyright. Once ownership is signed over, my creator copyright will become void. If you choose not to pay extra for exclusive ownership, I will continue to be allowed to feature your photos in my portfolio and you will not be allowed to edit the photos as it could harm the public quality of my brand.

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