A few days ago, I announced on Facebook that I would be offering a new service; portfolio books featuring the client's best work. This service is available to any creative professional such as models, photographers, traditional and digital artists, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, etc. One stipulation is, they must be able to provide at least 50 print size images and if they wish to provide more than 1 image of the same look, they can only be even in number no greater than 4. This keeps the content flow even and balanced. My first 2 clients for this service are Emmy-award winning portrait photographer, Andrew Foord, and celebrity fashion designer, Rocky Gathercole. They are compiling their best work now. Once I have it, I will begin designing their books. Once they are ready, they will be available for sale online in both soft and hard cover versions. I am so proud that this service has begun in such bold fashion. I hope to land some concept artists as well, being that this is what I do for a living.